Watch the Weather Change


More often then not, we let little things pass us by without even realizing it.  We hardly see them.  As though they’re in our periphery, but we don’t allow them much of our “bandwidth.”  These little things can have a drastic difference on your life if you allow them.  Something as simple as watching the weather change.  Noticing the wind and the way it feels on your face.  Appreciating the path and the strength found from staying on it.  They can remind us of our place in time.  This all encompassing moment.  The fact we are all the same and the differences are things we make up.  These things happen every day, and are free for the taking.  All we have to do is be open to the possibility.

I invite everyone to take 2 minutes and meditate on the music contained within this video.  Press play, close your eyes.  Meditate on being here now, with your breath.  With your body.  With your soul.

Stay vulnerable, my friends.

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