Grab the Muse

Being creative is an interesting endeavor.   It waits for no man!  When I get an idea, I have to take time and cultivate it right then.   If I don’t take a little bit of time from whatever I’m doing to sit with the newly found inspiration, the muse of the moment may just leave.  If this happens before I’m able to get any ideas recorded, theres a chance that I won’t even remember what the idea was.  I believe this is the case for anyone in a creative space.  It doesn’t matter if you are a musician or not.  When you feel the Muse come, you have to honor it.  It gets tricky if the Muse comes for the first time and you aren’t quite sure what to make of it.  Suddenly in the mood to create?  Feeling inspired?  Honor that part of you that wants to come out.  Honor it with everything you are in every way that you can.   Then (and this is the most important part to me) don’t judge it.  I’ve written songs in 5 minutes that I didn’t necessarily like or agree with, but wrote them anyway as that’s what wanted to come out.   Some don’t even make sense, but it’s possible what was just birthed is just the rough draft.   It’s possible to form a working relationship with this feeling that results in so much available creativity.  Get started now!!

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