Break on Through to the Other Side

Death is always a funny thing.  No, I’m not trying to belittle the pain or the process.  I’m talking about the whole stigma we have around death.  Inevitable?  Yes.  Unknown?  Yes.   Is that ok?  Yes!


Think about it.  How big of a deal have we made death?  How many people have died over us trying to explain death?  How many people have made money off trying to explain death?  What happens after?  My god will take care of you.  NO, my god will!  No, your god is ridiculous.  Then there’s war over a difference of opinion about a thing neither side can actually prove.  People, if they want to preach, should preach Love.  That’s truly what it’s all about.

It’s as though we want death to be scary.  It’s probably the easiest thing you’ll ever do.  Maybe the process will be messy.  Once there, it will be as easy as letting out your breath.  The last relief.  Your first thought , when you realize you’re dead will be, “That’s it?”  Nothing to be scared of.  Nothing to worry about.  You can be washed off the boat by a huge wave, or you can jump off with grace from the diving board.

That’s it.

Life is a cycle.  There are seasons.  Spring is renewal.  Summer is PLAY TIME.  Fall is the wind down.  Once winter sets, you have to settle in.  Be sure to always take time to watch the seasons change.  I’m realizing it gets faster every year.

The death talk is because my Grandpa passed this evening.  Great man.  I owe him a lot.  He sent me my first guitar.  Enough said.  He was hurting.  Hate to watch him leave, but releaved to see him go.  It always hits hard when it’s close family.  Tonight I burned a candle and sang him into the other side.  Like I told Mom earlier today he’s playing guitar and laughing with Nanny.

That’s it.



  1. Chip says:

    That was good Garth, I bet your Grandaddy’s happy you got the “good stuff he shared with you..

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