I was born and grew up in Florida.  Only child to two of the most wonderful parents you could ever imagine.  Though there’s a good chance most people refer to their parents that way, mine are very special. I was really big into go karts and racing.  In fact, my parents and I raced in Jacksonville Florida every other weekend.

The decision was made to move to North Carolina.  Once here, we realized that there wasn’t any good tracks to race on anymore.  We sold all the go kart stuff shortly thereafter.  I still miss it a little bit, but it made way for my next love…


I’m not sure when it grabbed me.  I had always been able to hum a tune from the radio.  All I remember is watching a commercial one night of a farmer walking through a field and there was this slightly distorted riff in the background.  It was that moment that I decided I wanted to be able to do that.  I made mention to my folks, and like all good parents, they wanted to make sure it wasn’t a waste of money.  After telling my Grandpa, he offered to send down his old guitar.  It was the kind that didn’t have any brand on it.  Shaped kinda like a fender, but played like a telephone pole.  Either way, when it arrived I used the cord that came with it and plugged it into my karaoke machine.   I turned the volume all the way up and discovered another one of my loves….


I had found a new calling.  My poor parents were so patient as I was learning to play and sing Glycerine over and over and over and over.  Bless them.

Over the next few years I got a new guitar from a friends dad and my first official amp.  There was no stopping the train now.  I played 6-8 hours a day.  Even waking up before the bus came to get in a 30 minute morning practice.  I was hooked.  Everything from Led Zeppelin to Metallica was jammed over and over again.  I played so much Metallica that my dad bought the albums after I moved out just so he could continue listening to them.  I don’t think Mom liked them so much, but she was always supportive beyond belief.

Started playing in hard rock and metal bands through my late teens and early twenties.  Most of them didn’t last, though they were all a bunch of fun.  Around 20 I got into UNTOLD.  That band I was with for 10 years.  Touring and learning how to make 5 people (6 at the end) work together toward a goal.  We never really made it off the east coast, but I’m proud of the things we were able to accomplish. My parents came to every show in NC.  Every one. That’s pretty incredible if you think about it.  The drummer and I are still close, though he was in pretty much every band I had been in up to that point.  Thanks for the Jonathan.

Life happens, and UNTOLD kinda faded away.  Right about the time I quit my day job to start playing solo acoustic full time.  That was back in 2010.  Restaurants and Bars around the triangle mostly.   That was also the time I met Val and Eric.  We formed A Mad Affair and put out a LP in 2012.  Toured all over NC and had a TON of fun.  I think we did 85 shows in 2013.  Great memories.

Life happened again, and A Mad Affair called off the affair.  Eric and I decided to continue at a far slower pace as the duo, Beside Ourselves.  We do weddings and the occasional show.  Keep your eyes peeled.  We might show up anywhere!

The split allowed me to concentrate on the solo acoustic 100% and produce a show called Light Pours In with my wife, Liz.  Now I’m playing a ton and living the life I love.  Thanks to everyone who has ever supported me.  Hope to see you at a show sometime soon!!


Yall Come Back Now...Ya Hear?